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Site collection administrator sharepoint online url

Here's how: Browse to the root site of your site collection. Click Settings , click Site Settings. If you don't see Site settings, click Site information and then click View all site settings. On the Site settings page, under Site Collection Administration, click HTML Field Security. Select one of the following options:.

The below explanation is primarily for SharePoint Online/Office 365, since SharePoint on-premises can have custom URLs. Default Site Collection URL. https:// This is the URL of your tenant and URL of a default site collection. Any SharePoint Site in SharePoint Online starts with this string.

2. On the home page of the SharePoint Central Administration Web site, select Application Management. 3. On the Application Management page, under Site Collections, select Change site collection administrators. 4. On the Site Collection Administrators page, click the arrow next to the site collection name and select Change Site Collection.

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The Problem: In SharePoint online (at least as of early 2015) site collection administrators have to be granted on a site by site basis. When you create a new site collection using, you are only allowed to pick ONE administrator for the Site collection (In on premise, you used to pick two).

The cmdlet we are interested in is called Set-SPOTenantSite. It allows you to manage some selected properties of a SharePoint Online site collection, among them the owners. The 'Owners' parameter expected a list of accounts, for example: '[email protected]', '[email protected]', '[email protected]'.

This SharePoint tutorial learn how to change #SharePoint Online site url or address from SharePoint Online admin center. How to change the sharepoint online.

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